Preparation - How you can help us.

The key to a successful line marking job is preparation. If we can work together to ensure the following advice is followed in advance of our arrival, we have the greatest probability of success.


Excessive dirt - If there is excess dirt, dust or mud across the surface, it will need to be cleaned before our arrival.

Surface cleaning - Please do not clean concrete surfaces by hosing down prior to our arrival. In ideal conditions, concrete should be dry for a few days prior to painting, otherwise as moisture evaporates from the concrete, the paint can lift. Concrete surfaces are best cleaned with brooms or scrubbers. We can arrange for this should you require.

New concrete - Newly laid concrete will leach chemicals that will cause the paint to lift, and as such it is advisable to wait upto 6 weeks after new concrete is laid before marking.

Coatings and Sealants - There are a variety of concrete curing agents and sealants on the market today. Each has a different effect on line marking paint. It is your responsibility to inform us of any chemicals that have been applied. If you are not certain, don't worry, we can organise a small test area to be marked in advance to ascertain it's potential effects on the coating.


New bitumen - New bitumen will leach chemicals that effect the paint, changing the colour and lifting it in some cases. Please let us know in advance if bitumen is to be marked shortly after being laid.


Clear site - Please ensure that all obstacles and hazards that may interfere with works to be carried out are removed. If we can't finish the works and we need to come back, extra call out charges may apply.